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About me..

I was born in Stockholm, Sweden in February of 1976.
I started out as a drummer at the age of 10 and through
the years i also tried out the piano, guitar and the bass
and at the age of 17 i decided to start play the bass seriously.

I've studied music for 10 years at different schools in Sweden.
Fredrika Bremer, StockholmsMusikKonservatorium,
Geijerskolan, RockMusikerLinjen-Fryshuset.
And finally The royal college of music in Stockholm
It was the 'Music and Media'-education program with
concentration songwriting and music production.
Today i'm working full time as a freelance musician,
singer, songwriter and producer.

I've had the pleasure to work with artists such as
Jill Johnson, Shirley Clamp, Martin Stenmarck, Jan Johansen,
Tone Norum, Jimmy Jansson, Pernilla Wahlgren, Annika Ljungberg,
Anna Sahlene, Jennifer Brown, La Gaylia Frazier, Jessica Andersson,
Magnus Carlsson, Johan Becker, Herreys, Veronica Maggio, The Moniker,
Göran Edman, Niklas Wahlgren, Johan Boding, Maria Möller, Sonja Alden,
Sandra Dahlberg, Charlotte Perelli, Magnus Bäcklund, Jenny Silver,
Nordman, Lili & Susie, Linda Bengtzing, Anne-Lie Ryde, David Lindgren,
Peter Johansson, Markoolio, Kim Cesarion, Andreas Weise, Velvet, Dag Finn,
Daniel Lindström, Clas Yngström, Helena Paparizou, Molly Sandén,
Sofia Källgren, Johan Stengård, Martin Almgren, Boris René,
Janne Schaffer, Tommy Nilsson, Suzzie Tapper, Wiktoria and more.

EBS Fafner II Bass head
EBS Cabinet Neo Line 4x10
EBS Reidmar Bass head
EBS Cabinet Neo Line 2x12
EBS Neo Gorm 2x10
EBS Fafner I Bass head
EBS Cabinet Pro Line 4x10

Sandberg Masterpiece
California JJ 4 str
California MM 5 str
Fender Jazz bass 67'
4 str
Fender Jazz Bass Deluxe
4 str With Lundgren Jazz
Bass vintage pickups
Fender Jazz bass Plus V
5 str With Lundgren Jazz
Bass vintage pickups
Musicman Stingray
Fretless 5 str
Washburn AB20
Acoustic 4 str
Höfner 500/2
Club Bass 4 str

Other Equipment...

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